About us

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

Blitz cleaning was formed on the foundation of cleanliness and hygiene instilled in me by my mother.

From a young age, the family home was regularly cleaned to a very high standard every day with a deep clean every Saturday.

So much so that friends visiting would always comment "Wow, your house looks like a show home!" 

The values that were taught to me as a young child and as I grew, allowed me to incorporate this and form my company which I believe will change your life for the better! 

We have worked with many fantastic clients in Oxford and we have built strong connections with our customers. 

Our clients have put their faith and trust in us that we will deliver on our promises and we do!

Here at blitz we pride ourselves in being...



Here at blitz cleaning Oxford, all of our employees are well experienced in the cleaning sector.

We are fully uniformed so you can easily identify your cleaner. 

We aim to solve problems in a timely and efficient manner resulting in a job well done.


Each individual employee is vetted, giving you the confidence that you will be satisfied with the service provided.


Our prices reflect our high standards of cleaning.


Even though there are many cleaning companies in the market our prices are very competitive. 

Should you find a cheaper quote from an established company, for the same standard that we provide, then we will match that price!



When you schedule a cleaner through Blitz Cleaning, you can rest assured that someone will be at your home 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. 

We’ll help restore your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room to the standard you expect.



Have a busy lifestyle? Having to take the kids to school? Running from meetings to meetings? 

We totally get that you may not have the time to tend to your household duties with as much attention as you would like, with other things taking priority. 

Allow us here at Blitz Cleaning, to come and lend a helping hand and lighten the load.

We understand every one of our clients needs that weight lifted off your shoulders and help unburden your busy lives.



Household clean

Daily household duties and chores are not easy to maintain and can literally be a chore! They're seen as boring, monotonous, mundane and a low priority for many people, especially if you have a busy working life, social life, personal life or have other duties to tend to. Here at Blitz Cleaning Oxford, we take away those stresses, strains and worries and give you back valuable hours of life. Free time to spend however you like, enabling you to do more of the things you love. We specialise in providing the best Blitz gleaming speciality service which will attend to your every need.

End of tenancy cleaning

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we are here to relieve the stress of getting the property up to the same high standard it was let in. We give you peace of mind that you either won't lose your deposit or that you have no worries about cleanliness for the next incoming tenants.

Spring clean

Spring clean can mean whatever you like it to. We know how life can get and sometimes you just need to declutter some of the mess, this is where we come into help. Tell us what you need and we will sort it out. It can be from organising your spices or deep cleaning your utilities cupboards. Let’s us help you start the season feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Clear the mess to clear your mind.

Deep clean

A deep clean is the perfect service for a very thorough clean throughout the property. This service includes all elements of a regular clean but with extra care attention to detail of all those neglected areas people tend to forget and think out of sight out of mind. If you need your cupboards wiped down, inside and out, or your skirting boards to be shining or even cleaning out the fridge of all the spillages and dirt that enivitably builds up and everyone hates doing, these are the things we love. So whatever your requirements and priorities are, automatically they become our priorities. If you have any areas that you wish for our team to focus on then please feel free to let us know and your every whim will be catered for.