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The Ins and Outs of How We Do Business

Billing & Pricing

Please refer to our Terms and conditions for more information.

Payments Accepted

We accept online payments from bookings made online via our website.
We accept cash payments from appointments made via phone, in-person and email. 

We accept Direct Bank Transfer payments from appointments booked, online, in-person, via email and via phone.

Cancellation Policy

The Customer can cancel the scheduled services by giving no less than 48 hours prior notice in writing. If the service is booked with less than 48-hours from when it takes place, the Client waives the right to cancel the booking. In case the service is cancelled by booking online, the customer will loose their deposit as a cancellation fee. If the Customer reschedules the service to a different day & time, no cancellation/rescheduling fee is required.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We employ a 48-hour quality check guarantee. 
If are not happy with the service and quality of the clean provided we will rectify the issue within 48 of your previously scheduled appointment. 

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